Cellbond has a team of expert engineers who are able to both design from initial concept as well as redesign current products to improve their usability. This includes ATD assemblies improvement or DAS integration.

DAS Integration

We work closely with DTS and have integrated the DTS Nano Slice into ATDs including the Hybrid III 5th Percentile Female and the Hybrid III 50th Percentile Male. Other data acquisition systems are available on request and we can redesign all ATDs for data acquisition and manufacture all machined and moulded parts

Dummy certification

All static and dynamic testing required for certification of ATDs we provide is carried out by Cellbond. We use our in-house Test Facilities to certify the Flex-PLI using an Instron to statically test the femur bone, femur assembly, knee assembly, tibia bone, tibia assembly and the string potentiometers.

The Pendulum & Inverse Certification Tests are performed on Cellbond’s Flex-PLI Dynamic Test Rig. Head certification for the Q-Series Dummies, Free Motion and Impactor Headforms are performed using a Head Drop Table using cradles designed and manufactured within Cellbond.

The Centre of Gravity tests are performed on the Free Motion & Impactor using Cellbond’s Centre of Gravity jig. The Cellbond Q-Series Abdomen Compression Jig is used to certify all Q-Series Abdomens. The Q-Series Neck and full certification is also undertaken in the in-house Test Facility and Cellbond has the capability to certify the Hybrid Series of Dummies.

Dummy re-certification

All of these certification tests are performed to the required regulations and are completed prior to an ATD being despatched for delivery but they are also available for re-certifying a wide range of ATDs.

Certification Equipment available for Purchase

The Flex-PLI Static and Dynamic Certification equipment, Centre of Gravity Test Jig with required head cradles, Head Drop Certification Cradles, Q-Series Headform replacement for Neck & Lumbar Certification, Q-Series Full Certification Impactors & Q-Series Abdomen Compression Jig with abdomen blocks are also available to purchase.

Spares and parts replacement

Cellbond is able to provide spare parts for all ATDs currently sold with short lead times and is able to provide parts for other ATDs on request.


Cellbond has a great deal of experience in research and development for developing current ATDs as well as creating prototypes and products or assemblies for a range of car manufacturers, test houses, government and regulatory bodies globally.

We have invested in 3D printing facilities to enable fast production of mould tools and prototype parts and allow design changes to be made quickly and with ease.

Our team has a wealth of knowledge that is used to enable design concepts to be developed into working prototypes and final products. Cellbond also has a well appointed and highly flexible Test Facility, allowing machines to be adapted for new tests or new test equipment to be designed, manufactured and fitted.

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