Q6 Dummy

In 1997 the work carried out by the International Child Dummy Working Group (CDWG) in 1993 was continued as part of the EC sponsored Child Restraint System Standard (CREST) program and the consecutive Child Injury Led Design (CHILD) project to develop a range of dummies; the new born (Q0), the 12-month (Q1), three-year old (Q3) and six-year old (Q6) dummies. In 2003 the Q1.5, representing a child of 18 months, was added to the family.

Updated Designs

Since their inception, the Q-dummies have undergone updates and design revisions to improve the overall durability and were particularly tailored to meet the demands of the Euro NCAP and NPACS testing with regards to the deceleration profile of modern vehicles.

In 2009, the Q10 dummy was developed by the Enabling Protection for Older Children (EPOCh) and Child Advanced Safety Project for European Roads (CASPER) projects and added to the family of Q-dummies.

In 2016, Euro NCAP began dynamic performance assessments that included the use of Q10 and Q6 dummies.


Current Regulations using the Q6 are:

• Euro NCAP Assessment Protocol – COP v7.01

• Euro NCAP and KNCAP – Offset Frontal Impact

• Euro NCAP and KNCAP – Barrier Side Impact

• UNECE R129

Certification and Recalibration

The Q6 is certified to ISO 17025 by Cellbond’s in-house ATD Test Lab. We offer recertification and recalibration services, and also have test fixtures and probes available to purchase.


Each Q6 Dummy is supplied with a comprehensive Technical Manual in hard copy and PDF format as part of our commitment to after-sales service.


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