The aPLI has a redesigned knee assembly, with a rounded impact area, rerouted ligament cables and a redesigned condyle, which improves the impactor response. A Simplified Upper Body Part (SUBP), representing a portion of human torso mass, adds ballast to the assembly, improves the response of the femur and allows injury risk assessment for this body region.

It distributes the mass in a more humanlike manner and provides a secure placement for the instrumentation’s Data Acquisition System (DAS). A one-piece moulded flesh assembly further contributes to a realistic mass distribution and biofidelic response of the legform.

The aPLI was finalised through ISO/TC22/SC36/WG5&WG6 as part of a round robin evaluation.

Finite Element Model

An FE Model of the aPLI is available from ATD-Models GmbH.

Certification and ReCalibration

The aPLI is certified to ISO17025 by Cellbond’s in-house ATD Test Laboratory.

We offer re-certification and re-calibration services and have test fixtures and probes available to purchase.


Each aPLI is supplied with a comprehensive Technical Manual as part of our commitment to after-sales service.

User Training

User Training is available exclusively from Cellbond ATD and can be delivered on-line or in-person. Contact us to find out more about the training programme.

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