Cellbond sponsor carhs Praxis Conference Pedestrian Protection

Cellbond are pleased to be sponsoring the carhs Praxis Conference Pedestrian Protection which takes place this week in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany.  One of the main topics of this year’s event will be the new leg impactor, the aPLI, approved by Euro NCAP and available exclusively from Cellbond.

The PraxisConference Pedestrian Protection is held every June or July with over 150 participants, including delegates from all major OEMs. It is the world’s largest expert meeting in the field of pedestrian protection. The intensive discussions at the info-points and between the presentations show that the participants value the innovative conference concept. Highlights of the event are the demonstrations in the laboratory of Germany’s Federal Highway Research Institute and the OEM’s presentations of pedestrian protecting solutions implemented in current car models.

Although the industry has been working on pedestrian protection for many years now, the constant development of the requirements (regulations and NCAP) continuously raises new questions that will be answered during this conference.
Expert speakers provide concentrated information regarding current and future requirements, latest research findings and technical solutions. Both, testing and numerical simulation are covered in the conference presentations.

In addition to this the conference offers hands-on praxis session in the laboratory. Here, test equipment and impactors are demonstrated and explained in detail. The preparation, execution and analysis of pedestrian impact tests are shown in live demonstrations.

The PraxisConference is suited for pedestrian protection experts from throughout the industry. Even beginners will find the event an excellent opportunity to quickly acquire theoretical and practical knowledge and become part of the expert community.

Current topics of the PraxisConference:

New pedestrian protection assessment by IIHS
New leg impactor (cellbond’s aPLI)
Extension of the head impact area
Protection of cyclists and motorcyclists

The aPLI Legform is available with the option of several integrated Data Aquisition System units exclusively from Cellbond ATD, and a related Finite Element model will be available from ATD-Models Gmbh in Summer 2019.


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